PCI-Express 4.0 x16 SSD that reaches a speed of 24,000 MB / s

by Kelvin
Element LQD4500

Liquid announced its top-of-the-range SSD, the Element LQD4500, the fastest SSD announced to date, and this is because it is also the first SSD that takes advantage of the interface PCI-Express 4.0 x16.

Inside we find nothing less than 4x Phison PS5016-E16 controllers working in unison thanks to a custom firmware capable of managing Up to 32 TB of TLC NAND Flash 3D memory, which translates into sequential read and write speeds of up to 24,000 MB / s (24 GB / s) with a random read and write 4K of 4,000,000 IOPS.


Element LQD4500

The Liqid Element LQD4500 It comes only in an FHFL format, and this is because although all components occupy most of the PCB, where it is mounted a generous aluminum heatsink which completely covers the motherboard of the card, and all this occupying a single PCI slot and generating a consumption of 65W, requiring a 6-pin PCI-Express connector for your food

Regarding its availability and price, not a word but This SSD is not designed for consumer users, but for professional use and its price will be too high, enough to choose between having the fastest SSD in the world or buying us a new car.

Liqid Element LQD4500

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