PeakVisor, identify peaks and mountains with your smartphone

by Kelvin
PeakVisor, identify peaks and mountains with your smartphone

If you are one of those who prefer mountain rather than beach, or you are simply curious to know more details of the peaks that surround you, it is impossible not to recommend downloading PeakVisor, an app that automatically recognizes the mountains we focus on with the camera and shows us relevant information about its summits.

The application uses the augmented reality so that the name of the peaks appears on the phone screen itself at the moment we focus on them, creating a visually striking and comfortable effect.


Learn the details of more than a million peaks around the world

One of the main functions of PeakVisor is to identify the peaks that surround you. With its integrated camera, you focus the landscape and automatically bubbles with the name will appear on the screen from the mountains.

Touching on one of them will expand the information, providing relevant data such as altitude or topographic prominence. It will also include to which reservation it belongs and several photographs of it.

On the other hand, it is also intended to be a hiking planner. With this section we can calculate the time it would take to make the route, the distance to walk and the elevation profile of the terrain. Likewise, they will inform us of the points of interest that cross our path (mountain shelters, parking lots, cable cars, viewpoints and castles).

Then, another of its key functions are its 3D maps. In a similar way to Google Earth, we will have an overhead view recreating the topographic map of the mountains we are looking for, perfect to understand how the mountain is shaped before venturing. Again, here also highlights the points of interest spread across the land.

And if you did not know the app and have already made the odd route or have visited more peaks, if you have pictures of them you can upload them to PeakVisor to show you the information. It will overlay the labels of the mountains you recognize and

It will give you access to all the above mentioned details.

And as it is possible that once up there you have no network connection, the app allows you to use all this content offline, without internet. You can download previously the routes or peaks of which you need information to have them available locally on your mobile.

You can download PeakVisor on iOS and Android

Whether you use a mobile or a tablet, you can download PeakVisor on iOS and Android. Of course, you have to take into account a couple of details: the app is free on iOS but it has a subscription model that gives us access to some functions, such as downloading maps for use without an internet connection.

Then, in the case of Android, the app is directly paid; We can download it for € 4.79 with all the functions unlocked.

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