Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie… Battletoads can only be the beginning of the return of great IPs

by Kelvin
Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie… Battletoads can only be the beginning of the return of great IPs

There is no doubt that we are all very spectacular before the arrival of heavy weights such as Halo Infinite or the imminent Gears 5. However, there are a lot of IPs that won a place in the hearts of the players who, however, carry Many years away from the spotlights and have not seen new projects.

Such is the case of big names like Banjo-Kazooie or the fantastic Perfect Dark, which were undoubtedly important and very well received by fans, but they have not been showing signs of life for too long. Now, Matt Booty has confirmed in an interview that his team has not forgotten these great jewels and we may have news about them in the future.


Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie… Battletoads opens the door on his return

We cannot deny that the arrival of the new Battletoads has been marked by the controversy that generated its peculiar artistic section, although it is true that the gameplay It seems to have convinced fans of the famous franchise.

However, its arrival marked what could be the beginning of a new trend that could bring us back to large IPs that have been too lethargic for too long. This has been confirmed by Matt Booty, who says have a list of IPs that Microsoft owns where they could work and who could be protagonists of a new reboot, as would be the aforementioned Banjo-Kazooie, of which there has already been a few rumors about his return, or Perfect Dark:

Those are the scenarios that I love and I think they tend to work a little better, saying: «ah, nobody has done this in a while, maybe we could reboot that [game]». I think when someone has a personal passion for it, it can really work.

Also, Booty said that it keeps a list of IPs that Xbox has and that belong to studios with which it wants to work, so it seems that we are closer than ever to be able to see the return of some titles that will surely excite many players.