Perfect your photos of Instagram with popular filters other filters

by Kelvin

Perfect your photos of Instagram with popular filters other filters 3

Instagram It is the social network in which users care about publishing the perfect photo to get likes; however, generating that interest in the public is not achieved only with a simple photo. We must resort to the use of filters, in order to make the photograph look more aesthetic and beautiful. That is why among the variety of filters it has, popular filters include other filters that help you.

Intense Clarendon

In the first place we find one that is able to highlight certain features of the image through an intense brightness. It is a solid and multi-purpose filter, capable of deepening the shadows and giving intensity to its colors.


The soft makes it dazzling and this is preferred by thousands of users around 119 countries around the world. Part of its success is due to the fact that despite the tweaks, the lighting does not turn out to be maddening.

Gingham of Great Britain

In French Brittany, the Gingham checkered fabric was created. It is because of that the filter has the same name, because it stains the image with a soft and story-like look. Suitable when you want your photography to have a vintage look since it washes the colors slightly. In addition, it transforms the lighting in a surprising way when it is well exposed.

Some popular filters other VSCO filters

popular filters other filters vsco

If you want other popular filters but that are not Instagram, the VSCO application is right for you. She is famous among users for the excellent tools she has to turn your photo into a work of art.


Among the most popular filters are: F2 that with small touches make an impressive photo. And the G series, perfect filters for portraits because it improves skin tones. Instead, In nature photos, it gives them a surreal touch that doesn't usually work.

Now that you know about other popular filters, choose the photo you want to edit and apply the one that suits you best.

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