Personal Capital Financial offers tools to track and manage your money


Robo advisers have grown in popularity in recent years because the stock market has grown and digital commerce continues to improve. One of Robo's first advisers, Private capital, was founded in 2009, although it did not have an official start for another two years.

Personal Capital offers two main financial products. First of all, there is a basic online personal dashboard product that is open to anyone and includes free investment tools and analysis. The company also offers wealth management products for clients with balances of $ 100,000 or more. For this, the company charges a maximum rate of 0.89 percent per year for assets under management.


Whether you have started investing first or are an experienced trader who wants to take your portfolio in a new direction, Personal Capital has something for everyone, as you will learn below.

What is private capital?

I have been using the main Personal Capital products for several months through the company's website and iOS app. Most articles focus on this aspect of the business, although I will also briefly discuss the wealth management offering.

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