PES 2020 analysis: The rivalry with FIFA has never been so intense!

by Kelvin
PES 2020

Another year, another wave of football simulators, where of course, we have to highlight PES 2020 and FIFA 20. After all, the rivalry is already very old, but in fact, it seems that it has never been so hot as now. , with Konami betting heavily and ugly on their famous game, even stealing many of the licenses we could once find at Electronic Arts (EA Sports) FIFA

In this new PES 2020, we can find a lot of changes! Some on the aesthetic level, while others have a serious impact on gameplay.

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It is likely when buying your football simulator for late 2019 and early 2020. Be a little like me, and think that you will simply be offering money to the studio for the exact same game you already have at home.

However, truth be told, this PES brings a lot of news that takes it out of the field of iterative updates. Offering an extremely more polished experience, compared to what we could find in other years. Especially in the graphics, with Konami putting a lot of emphasis on the realism of the look of the most famous players, where we clearly have to highlight Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

In addition, the entire interface is now much simpler, and for that reason, also much more intuitive.

(PES 2020 Analysis – Graphics) On the pitch, players are looking more and more like what we can see on a stadium or on a television broadcast!

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The game is much better in what appears to be a refining of the old PES formula, while the studio has made several mistakes that have been pointed out throughout the releases.

As you may know, Pro Evolution Soccer always tries to be the right choice if you want to play a real soccer simulator. However, there are always several defects in the final product, such as a graphics engine unable to deliver on its promise, or gameplay that falls short of its direct rival FIFA.

In short, in my opinion, these concerns are part of the past! That is, we have reached a point where liking PES or FIFA is only dependent on your personal opinion. Since each game has its objective to cover the maximum number of fans of the sport.

In short, we have a title here that feels like a football game, allowing you to show off your playing style while studying your opponent's style. Play Mourinho defending with the bus in front of the goal, or play a really beautiful game like Pepe Guardiola's Manchester City? It's your choice.

(PES 2020 review – Gameplay) The game has reached a whole new level, which is especially exciting

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The game allows the player to choose what type of pass they want to make as they climb the field. A little to Zidane or Luís Figo, able to make a pass tearing through the opposing defense, after studying the terrain and positions of the rival players.

Something that is only possible thanks to the many AI improvements of your teammates. However, not everything is good in this field! Since it is possible to make ripping passes several times when your colleagues start sprinting with that idea in mind. But… If you happen to want to play more calmly, your teammate is likely to continue running like a Marega of this life. This can cause some difficulties if you want to pass the ball to get some pressure off your midfield.

In defense there are also some problems, especially if your opponent has some skill behind the command. You will often feel that your teammates have abandoned you on your own. (However, you can remedy this with some modified tactics)

PES 2020 Analysis – So what about the rest?

Gameplay is really the plus point of PES 2020. However, the improvements don't stop there as we have a lot of new features.

So in addition to everything I've said, we have a new camera called 'Stadium', which will offer a much more dynamic way to follow the ball. Then we have Master League Remastered (The PES Career Mode), which finally brings an improved transfer system that can convince players. (Konami decided to use actual values ​​instead of leaving this mission to the random system of the past.)

The online mode has been renamed 'eFootball', which is in line with the new official PES 2020 name. However, the only significant change is 'Matchday', which is a very similar version of Match Day Live at heart. FIFA.


In short, if you want a serious football simulator, PES 2020 will fill you up. However, if your friends happen to prefer FIFA, and you like to play online, it might be a good idea to wait for what EA Sports will offer.

Rating: 8/10

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If you want to know more about the game, click here.

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