Phil Spencer is already playing on Xbox Project Scarlett

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Xbox Scarlett and PS5: GPU memory is much more important than SSD

Xbox Project Scarlett is Microsoft's new gaming hardware bet, with Phil Spencer in the lead. After the first Xbox One model, we have seen how the division now in charge of the manager took a 360 degree turn in the design of their machines. A lot of blame for this was Panos Panay, which designed and supervised the creation of Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Now, Scarlett is the model that arrives to give one more spin to everything we know about desktop consoles. We already know that you will have modules dedicated to Ray Tracing and that you will use SSD and GDDR6 memory, just as we are already advancing exclusively in this house.

Phil Spencer and Xbox Project Scarlett

The fact is that Phil Spencer's Good is already playing some games running on this machine. It has been confirmed by Tom Warren, who has heard it on the manager's live playing Destiny 2.

It may seem unimportant, after all he is testing Scarlett makes perfect sense. But knowing Spencer for so many years writing about him, confirming this fact can only mean that console status is advanced, or at least enough to show it in not much time.

And it confirmed the same with Xbox One X and Project xCloud. Soon we could see both projects in action. The X019 is close, so it could be the perfect scenario for us to see the console for the first time.


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