Photo of the day: That's how Google advertised 20 years ago

by Kelvin
Google search engine 1999

Without unnecessary rubbish – news, ads and unnecessary information about the weather. Simple and fast. Do you know which search engine I mean? Google of course.

Only in the 1999 version


Well, a lot has changed over the past two decades.

One of Reddit's users unearthed an advertisement that Google at the beginning of its existence in 1999 praised its services.

All Google in one advertisement.

Google ( is a clean web search engine – no weather, no news, no sponsored links, no ads, no junk. Nothing but a fast loading page. Reward them with a visit.

Over two decades ago, Google’s entry into a search engine game changed everything. And not thanks to the focus on speed and simplicity, but thanks to a new revolutionary approach to page indexing. The PageRank algorithm did not take into account, only how often a given word falls on a given page, but also assessed the quality of the page itself. It was a revolution that helped Google take over the market and change the face of the internet. Since then, pages are created differently, they are searched differently, and they are indexed differently.

Over time, Google has grown to alarming proportions. And it became a search engine for everything. It works. If we want, in the online equivalent of a Swiss army knife covered with advertisements, we can find news about what is currently happening in Japan, check the weather in Tokyo and see how much we will exchange 1000 zlotys for yen.

Google's heart is still beating.

You may have reservations about how Google selects results, how weak advertising means, how it indexes pages, but it's hard to disagree that it is still extremely comfortable and very effective. Despite years of systematic changes, introducing improvements and adding new functions at the heart of this virtual giant, there is still a brilliant idea – the search engine should be simple and quick to use. And although this promise is now implemented in a completely different way than it was two decades ago, it is still there, although it is easier to find on the second, third or fourth page of search.

If you fancy a little time travel and want to move to 1999, go to There, the search engine is still clean, beautiful and spotless in the garbage. Don't just try to search for anything.

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