The screen formats change over time. Those who were born before the new millennium have been able to see how the 4: 3 format was a reference but quickly arrived at 16: 9 and later the perfect aspect ratio for consume cinema, 21: 9. This aspect ratio is not only present on multiple screens but has now reached the occasional phone.


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One of the brands that is very proud of its devices with 21: 9 screen It's Motorola and now this aspect ratio is also supported by Google Photos. The new Motorola One Vision and the recently announced Motorola One Action are two of the devices that make up this screen. This aspect ratio not only allows users to have a mobile with very comfortable dimensions in their hands thanks to a smaller width but also adds the option to view contents with aspect ratio 21: 9 on this screen completely, enjoying to the maximum videos and movies on these CinemaVision screens.

Motorola has partnered with Google and now supports photos and videos in 21: 9 format

As of today, as we are informed from Motorola, there is a new way to enjoy the cinematic experience on Motorola mobiles. Since some devices of the brand can take photos and videos with this aspect ratio 21: 9, thanks to the new alliance with Google Photos You can enjoy these contents in that format without needing an extra application or another gallery.

You don't have to do anything, just open Google Photos on any of the Motorola devices with CinemaVision screen and you can see all the contents in this format from the application. Google has already published the update in the Play Store. If you don't see these formats correctly, all you have to do is enter Google Play Store and update the Google Photos app to the latest version.

The new 21: 9 format is really interesting for playing multimedia content but it is also very visually appealing when view panoramic photos. The new Motorola One series is designed to enjoy more of the screens of the devices and may soon add more models to the catalog with this format.

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