Pixel 4 on video: you'll start to love its design

by Kelvin
Pixel 4 on video: you'll start to love its design

Pixel 4 on video: you'll start to love its design 2

The square photographic sector of Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 just don't like it? Start making a right of it if you're willing to change your smartphone. After they will be official, their style will be taken up by other producers and – at least by 2020 – of squared islets we will see a little. Meanwhile, if you want to slowly get used to the idea, after the one dedicated to the iPhone by, here is a video concept (well done) that shows how the next Google phone could be.

Google Pixel 4 on video

We remind you of one thing, the leaks (consisting of images and videos) are not official, but in the case of Google Pixel 4 they have a very strong starting point: some time ago Big G released a official teaser of his next devices and – guess what – the design of the photographic sector has been confirmed. Already Huawei, with Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro has risked a islet on the backand, however, housed in the center: many did not like it, but it was easy to get used to it.


Otherwise, the possible positioning in the upper left corner of the particular photographic compartment seems more difficult to digest. For Google and Apple however, it seems to make sense, probably a logistic advantage linked to the internal positioning of the components. Whatever the motivation, the dice are drawn: you might as well get used to it.

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