Pixel 4 passes through the FCC in 4 variants: 5G or Project Soli?

by Kelvin

The Pixels 4 are getting closer and closer to the presentation, and Google is rightly starting to request all the certifications needed to trade the product. Today we talk about the American FCC body, through which 6 products have passed, code names G020I, G020J, G020MN and G020PQ.

Why 6 products but 4 codes? Simple: because in reality G020MN and G020PQ actually indicate 4 different products: G020M, G020N, ​​G020P and G020Q. These "groupings" could only indicate the difference between "standard" and XL variants.


The requests have been made by Google, and the product category is "telephone". Making a quick "2 + 2", it is clear that we are facing 6 Pixel variants 4 (unless Google has some surprises in store).

But there is an important factor to consider: the Pixels 3a passed from the FCC with the codes that passed from G020TO to G020H. Why would Google decide to use the same code (changing only the final letter) for a completely different smartphone?

Analyzing the request, everything is normal, except for one small detail: Google requested the FCC to be able to use a 5G band (58-63.5 GHz) which, coincidentally, is the same used by Project Soli, the "radar" of Google to be able to receive gestures in the air.

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In short, a new smartphone from Google could have Project Soli on board. One wonders if this project will go to interfere with the availability of 5G versions of smartphones.

Via: 9to5Google

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