Pixel 4: the Google Camera reveals new features

by Kelvin
Pixel 4: the Google Camera reveals new features

Pixel 4: the Google Camera reveals new features 2

The picture relative to those that will be the features of the next ones Google Pixel 4 it becomes increasingly clear and interesting. After the revelations related to the possibility that on board the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL there could be a display with a refresh rate of well 90Hz and the leaks on some of their photographic skills and the upgrade of RAM, now new details emerge about the app Google Camera, which apparently will include new features such as: Audio zoom, Live HDR, improved wide-angle selfies and more. Let's see everything.

Google Pixel 4: focus on the camera

One of the strengths of Google Pixels has always been the quality of photographic sector, So it is not surprising that even with reference to the next generation of Big G flagship, much of the focus is on what will be the hardware and software features of the camera. To reveal new details about it is the source code of the Google Camera app, which contains a lot of hidden information on what could become the future key camera features of the next Google Pixels 4 and 4 XL.


The APK analyzed by a senior XDA Developers member refers to the version Google Camera 6.3, which should be implemented on Pixels 4. Among the features under development that could then be made available for these devices are:

  • the Audio zoom, the function should look like the Samsung Zoom-in-Mic Galaxy Note 10 and which uses the microphones to adjust the audio focus in case of zooming during video recordings;
  • Live HDR to be used to display an HDR photo preview in real time before taking the hole and to automatically retouch the photos – increase the contrast, dim the brightness, etc. – practically in real time (in less than 20 years milliseconds);
  • optimized wide-angle selfies, this function called "mesh warp" is based on a new algorithm aimed at correcting distortion of backgrounds and faces in wide-angle portraits. To deal with this type of shots will be the front camera of the Pixel 4, equipped with a wide-angle lens;
  • camera mode Night Sight improved, for the night view there are optimizations regarding speed and other general aspects.