Pixels in Android 10 can now pin apps to the share menu, thanks to …

by Kelvin
Pixels on Android 10 can now pin apps to the share menu, thanks to the March 1 update

Features of Android 11 others seem to have been reduced to Android 10. In addition to all the mentioned features that Google released with the March update as part of the second Pixel Drop feature, Pixels also had the ability to incorporate certain applications and receivers. shared sheet / menu.


The tyranny of actions is almost over.

This feature was first seen on Android 10 by 9to5Google, and we can verify that it is in Pixels with March updates. Long-pressing a contact's name or app on the share sheet brings up the message you see above, with the option to "pin" the selected item at the top of your list, even though it doesn't work as wait. While you may Contacts or apps that are held down, only apps that seem to stay pinned. Playing with this feature, I've seen pinned contacts disappear from the top of the list. I thinking It only embeds the appropriate app when it tries to pin certain contacts, as indicated by a notice (which only says the app name).

There is also a limit of four apps to set. If you exceed that number, you lose one of the four that already exist. Although the old press will still say that other options are "anchored", they will not appear in the carousel above and will not scroll. We can't determine the logic that controls falls, but if it stays below that number, it will be fine.

Pixels in Android 10 can now pin apps to the share menu, thanks to ... 2

Google didn't mention this change as a feature neither in its big announcement about the second crash feature, nor in the Pixel functional patch notes that month (which were mostly improvements / enhancements), but it's currently in the latest update . It may not be long before the feature switches to non-pixels, which probably won't happen until Android 11 is released, but the long fight against the action is almost over.

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