platform unites all your games in one place

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GOG Galaxy 2.0: plataforma une todos os seus games em um único lugar 4

With the new GOG Galaxy 2.0, all your games, whether from Steam, Epic Games or, will be brought together on a single platform.

If you enjoy PC games, you've certainly heard of GOG Galaxy (Good old games, “Good old games”, in Portuguese). Like Steam, it is a digital computer game distribution service run by none other than Projekt CD, developer of the fantastic The Wither 3. With an impressive library (and very attractive prices), one of the advantages of GOG is to offer free games DRM, ie they do not have a license attached to them, so the game is yours to use and share as you wish!


With a computer program that displays your game library, the GOG Galaxy, now the company now intends to expand the service program with its version 2.0, and you can check out all the details of this new platform here in this article.

The new GOG Galaxy 2.0

THE Projekt CD has big plans to expand customer GOGas well as serving only as an online service for marketing free games of DRM (including many of the best old games on the PC). She recently revealed several details about GOG Galaxy 2.0 – a single application that will unify your game library across all PC launchers and console platforms.

Beta invitations came out on a first come, first served basis, so you may have to wait a while before joining this selection – practice sparingly!

At GOG Galaxy 2.0 you can bring all your games from different platforms together in one place

From this release, the GOG Galaxy 2.0 offers integration for Steam, Uplay, Epic, Origin,, Windows Store, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, (unfortunately there are no plans yet to integrate the library of eShop of Nintendo Switch) bringing supported data ranging from achievements to hours played.

You can start PC games directly from the client, but you will obviously have to access your console to play these titles. The developers of GOG are working to provide as much official platform support as possible, but open source community integrations will allow users to expand platform support. That is, users themselves can contribute to improving the customer system.

Features such as cloud saves and automatic updates will still require original customers to GOG Galaxy are running. Eventually, the customer will include a centralized friend list, cross-platform chat features, and discovery options to make it easier to find new games.

If you get beta access, you can test the functionality of this new gaming platform.If you get beta access, you can test the functionality of this new gaming platform.

You can also include individual games off specific platforms, and you can adjust your library view through custom tags, filters, and sorting options. The library function also allows you to import background and game images for things that are not covered by existing platform integrations.

O GOG says “Do not share data with third parties” and promises that you will be able to exclude any platform integration and data collection from GOG at the press of a button anytime you wish. Keep in mind that, like GOG Galaxy 2.0 will integrate so many different services, your servers will need access to your data from other gaming platforms, so be aware of what you want to share.

Programs like Playnite have offered similar features on the PC – even the Steam has modest support for imported games, although the experience is not as interesting or stable – but the GOG Galaxy 2.0 It seems like a much more ambitious attempt to crawl libraries. This client version is still in beta testing, but a stable version is expected to be released later this year.

You can subscribe to the Beta on the platform's official website.

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