Platonic: Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen will produce series for Apple TV+

by Kelvin
Platonic: Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen will produce series for Apple TV+

Image: Universal Pictures/Reproduction

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen, who have worked together in other audiovisual productions, will produce and star in the series Platonic for streaming the Apple TV+. The comedy project will initially have ten episodes and will explore the consequences of a platonic friendship.

In the plot, Byrne and Rogen play two former best friends from their teenage days who try to reconcile as adults. However, all of this happens at the same time that they also want to understand what it was that separated them in the past.

The synopsis also states that as their friendship becomes more intense, it ends up destabilizing some issues in their current lives and also makes them re-evaluate all their choices that led them to that moment.


Other members of the film’s production Neighbors (Bad Neighbors, in the original) will participate in the series. This is the case of Nick Stoller, who will direct the episodes and script together with Francesca Delbanco. Conor Welch will also be one of the executive producers alongside the aforementioned duo.

Platonic will be another one of the comedies that are being invested by the streaming service of the Apple. Besides her, the public will know Physical, The Afterparty, Schmigadoon! and Mr. Corman, by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And among the series renewed on the platform are Dickinson, ted lasso and Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet.

There is no release date set yet, but the series is likely to debut only next year. Until then, we can only wait for news involving this project that seems to be so interesting.