Play Store: Google has removed 85 adware infected applications!

by Kelvin

From time to time, Google often receives applications with some adware issues. They usually appear masked as games or photo applications. The problem is that those who install them catch viruses that can carry out various behaviors. If it's just advertising it's boring but less bad. However if we run out of our data the problem is much bigger. It was to help users that this company removed about 85 apps from the Play Store. Do you have them on your smartphone?

After all what happened with these applications?

Play Store: Google has removed 85 adware infected applications! 2


According to recent information, Google has removed 85 adware infested applications. The one that is highlighted is well known and is called “AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH”.

This adware is undoubtedly the most annoying as it bothers you with ads all the time. But the biggest problem is that these advertisements overlap each other and become virtually impossible to close.

In most cases, these adware masquerade as games or even photo applications. That's because, according to one study, they are one of the most popular apps on the Play Store.

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Will anyone who has already installed these applications will also see your problem solved?


In the midst of all this, there is still some good news. Because according to Google, all users who happen to be unaware of these adware and eventually install these applications will also be free of the problem.

Despite all the control of Google in its Play Store it is virtually impossible to guarantee that nothing escapes. It is because there are very well camouflaged threats that escape even the most attentive eyes of those who are used to these wanderings.

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