Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device

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Sony is beginning to adapt to the current trend of interconnected devices, but like most manufacturers, they want to keep you in their ecosystem if you are going to use these services. For example, The PlayStation 4 has a “Remote Play” function that allows you to play the console games previously acquired in the smartphones Sony PS Vita and Xperia, but this functionality does not extend to non-Sony devices.

Well the Twisted89 developer took the Xperia Smart Remote Android app and got rid of a series of checks that previously limited its usability. The restrictions you removed included a device ID check, a root restriction and a Wi-Fi limitation.

Simply put, now you can use Sony's Remote Play app to play your favorite PS4 games on almost any Android device, whether root or not, and regardless of whether it is on your local Wi-Fi network or thousands of miles away with mobile data.


  • Sony PlayStation 4 (console and games).
  • Android device with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or higher.
  • Unknown sources activated.

Enable remote playback on your PS4

First, you must enable only one option on your PS4. From the home screen, go to "Settings", scroll down and select the "Remote playback connection settings" entry.

From here, make sure that the option “Enable remote playback” is checked, then it will be ready to work.

Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device 1

Install the Modded Remote Play application on your Android

Then, go to this link from your Android phone or tablet to get a copy of the modified Remote Play application. Once the download is complete, press the corresponding notification to start the APK. At this point, the Android installer interface should appear, so click "Install" here.

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Download the PS4 Remote Play APK here

Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device 2

Sign in to your PlayStation account and play your games

Immediately after opening the application for the first time, Remote Play will ask you to register a DualShock controller. This feature does not work in this version of the application (later), so press "Skip" here. After that, Touchez the "Next" button at the top of the screen, and then sign in to your PlayStation account.

Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device 3

As soon as this is over, you will be automatically redirected to the game interface. In portrait mode, you will see all the normal PlayStation controls in the lower half of the screen, and you can use them to navigate the interface of your PS4 and play.

Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device 4

If you rotate the device in landscape mode, these same controls will overlap at the top of a full screen view of the game. If you are not interacting with the screen, these controls will be automatically hidden after a few seconds, but can be reactivated by pressing anywhere on the screen.

virtual buttons

Pair a PS4 controller with your Android device (optional)

Given that the official DualShock controller pairing solution It does not work in this version of the application, you may want to pair a controller manually. To start, press and hold the "PS" and "Share" buttons on your controller and wait until the light on the back starts to flash.

ps4 controller

From here, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Android device and then go to the Bluetooth settings menu. Touchez the "Update" button at the top of the screen to search for nearby devices, and then select the "Wireless controller" option when it appears. Wait for the remote to appear in the “Paired devices” list and you can use your Remote Play games with a DualShock controller.

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Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device 5

For more information on this topic, including how to customize the game settings for your PS4 controller on Android, be sure to check the detailed Neil guide.

Modify APN settings to be played back on mobile data (optional)

This version of Remote Play can be used on mobile data to play from anywhere in the world, but it requires some configuration.

To get started, go to the Settings menu of your phone or tablet, then search for “Access Point Names” and touch the top result. From here, Touchez the configuration icon next to your existing APN entry and then write down all the information in this list. To make things easier, you may want to take a couple of screenshots of the APN settings as a reference.

acces point

Then, return to the main menu of Access Point Names and press the “Add” button. From here, enter all the information of your existing APN with the exception of two fields: in the "Name" category, type "PS4" instead, and for the "APN Protocol" option, select IPv4 instead of IPv6. When finished, return to the main APN screen, select your "PS4" profile and restart.

Play your favorite PS4 games remotely on any Android device 6

At this point, you can play any of your PS4 games with mobile data, even if you are thousands of kilometers away from your home and your console.

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