Play your mobile videos on your computer via AirPlay and DLNA with this program

by Kelvin
Play your mobile videos on your computer via AirPlay and DLNA with this program

The 4K has entered strongly in recent years and even some already dare with the 8K, resolution that perhaps still seems to us somewhat distant. But to reproduce this type of content, the ideal is to have a quality player; At this point we could think that the fish is already sold, until a new alternative appears that at least attracts attention.

It's about the player 5KPlayer, one who can not only play 4K but with his GPU acceleration he is able to support videos in 8K and compatible with technology HDR, standards that we are already seeing more frequently – especially the latter. Although be careful, because this is just the tip of the iceberg.


5KPlayer supports all types of multimedia and has connection via DLNA and AirPlay

Play your mobile videos on your computer via AirPlay and DLNA with this program 3

As a player, it has the expected: a simple interface (note that you can rotate the videos while watching them) and compatibility with practically all multimedia formats available.

This also includes files from Audio, of DVD (either a physical DVD in the disc tray or an ISO file) and of radio live. What's more, they can also be opened 360 degree videos. In this sense it is an SUV.

dlna airplay

But perhaps the most interesting is the possibility of streaming videos using the standard DLNA. It means, therefore, that we can send the screen of our Android to a computer (PC and Mac), or vice versa: from a computer to an Android device, to a Smart TV, to a PS4 or Xbox One, etc.

With the computer and mobile connected to the same Wi-Fi network, in 5KPlayer we will see the option “DLNA” (you can also find it in the preferences). There we can make our team a DLNA server through which to send content to our smartphone. Then, in the main menu of the program, we will go to the section library where can we add files and folders to to stream to our mobile devices. You can find more information at this link.


On the other hand and even more interesting is its integration with Airplay, technology of Apple which allows us to do the same but with devices from the company of the apple. So, with 5KPlayer we can See the iPhone or iPad screen on our computer. And if that weren't enough, at the same time you can record this mirroring to store the video on your device.

To configure the AirPlay between 5KPlayer and your iPhone or iPad simply simply enter the “AirPlay” section of 5KPlayer, activate the service and go to IPhone / iPad Control Center where we will play in “AirPlay” to send the screen to the computer. You have more details in this guide.

A complete suit in one program: you can also download videos and edit them

Play your mobile videos on your computer via AirPlay and DLNA with this program 4

Additionally and if it were not enough, the program has the option of download videos from the internet simply by pasting their links. In the same way it allows to save the result directly in mp3 or include subtitles, download an entire playlist, pause and resume downloads, etc …

And probably, after having done with some video from the network, you may want to edit it to keep a part or make other adjustments. But how can you intuit, yes, 5KPlayer also includes an editor; yes, it is quite simple. It allows us to cut, rotate, change speed, color level, edit audio, etc.

Can download this player for free for Windows and for Mac.