PlayStation 5 is 4x faster than a PS4 Pro! 4K60 FPS with RTX?

by Kelvin

Although Sony has not yet attended an event to speak only and only PlayStation 5. We already know a lot about the console, especially about its technical specifications.

By the way, as far as we know, it's easy to come to the conclusion that the new PlayStation 5 is 4x more powerful than the old lady PS4 Pro! But that means what?

Therefore, given that the next-generation console will feature 8 Zen 2 cores as well as a Navi architecture-based GPU (Both architectures are already making tremendous success in the market). We can speculate that we will be able to count on a PC equivalent machine with a Ryzen 3700X processor and an RX 5700 graphics card. (Including Ray Tracing support)


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After all, all the rumors and information point to the power of a very recent NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super level, so this comparison doesn't seem so far-fetched.

So the PS5 should mean a very significant generational leap, at least when it comes to graphics!

Since at the level of gameplay, we shouldn't see big differences unless there is a big bet on virtual reality early in the console's life cycle.

By the way, at this point, we think both Sony and Microsoft should look at Nintendo… Or so to speak, for the way the company tries to change the way a player interacts with their consoles at each release.

Does this mean that the PS5 will be able to reach 4K60 FPS with active Ray Tracing?

We already know that both consoles will feature Ray Tracing technology, which recently hit the market at the hands of NVIDIA, and their GeForce RTX cards (with very little success, by the way).

So it will be very interesting to see how the two consoles will rival with such similar specs… After all, both have AMD SoCs based on Zen 2 and Navi architectures.

Now they'll be able to achieve the 4K Tracing Ray dream… I personally doubt this is a possibility!

True, many leaks and experts are talking about this feature. But given the current state of technology, I would say that 4K60FPS is perfectly possible, but without RTX. This feature should be reserved for Full HD (1080p) games, and we won't even see the full potential of the technology at this resolution.

Just look at Battlefield V which on machines with the super RTX 2080 Ti still can't reach high levels of performance.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.

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