Pleasing Update for Google Now Users

by Kelvin
Pleasing Update for Google Now Users

Android 10with the official publication of Gmail and Google the Maps Google introduces versions with dark mode support Assistant has also released an important update.

Android 10 comes with dark mode support of the operating system general to Google will also be able to dark mode to work in harmony with, began to publish. Dark mode support was also available for Gmail and Google Maps recently, where some of the applications were introduced much earlier.

Pleasing Update for Google Now Users 1


Now is Google Now Some users have reported that they encounter an Assistant with dark mode support on their devices. The dark-mode assisted assistant in Google's announcement, apparently soon for everyone will be available.

Engagement improvements started in January, June had reached a limited test phase. However, apparently, very close can be made available to the public at a time. Both Pixel both on devices Samsung for devices Assistant and Google support starting in limited number seems to have reached the person.

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