Podcasts will be played in Google results

by Kelvin
Podcasts will be played in Google results

Podcasts will be played in Google results 2

For many years now Google is synonymous with online search: the Big G search is certainly the most used search engine in the world, despite the attempts of competitors to offer alternative services, thanks to its ability to evolve to meet the emerging needs of the web people. Over the years, Google has been committed to constantly improving search results, while offering new services. One of the functions that could soon come from us is the possibility not only of look for podcasts relevant, but also to start with reproduce them immediately and directly there, within the search results page.

Reproduce podcasts on Google

The news on which Google seems to be working on podcasts is actually two. The first, and most immediate for users, is the ability to start playing podcasts directly from search results, both from a browser on a PC and a mobile device. This has the advantage of being able to have apodcast preview and then decide whether to reproduce it in full, possibly by connecting to the site that made the podcast originally available.


The second concerns i results of the search itself: Google Search will show results based on content of the episode of the podcast, not only based on its textual description and the title indicated. One possibility that currently seems to be being studied by Big G is to show the results related to podcasts even when the user does not add the search term "podcast" in the search string.

Paradoxically, this feature is not yet present in Google podcasts, at least not in its Web version. It appears that the feature is currently being implemented for Google Search on the Web and is expected to subsequently arrive on the Google Assistant and Podcasts on the Web.

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