One of the great recent additions of Pokémon GO is that of the syncro adventure. A function with which Pokémon GO players can forget to constantly open the game to record their location and movements. Well, in addition to making things easier for players, Niantic has decided evolve and improve this function, with new features that have already begun testing in Australia.


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And, for now, it is still an experiment or test. Something with what they are experiencing before taking the rest of the users. That is why only the players from Australia and New Zealand are encountering this new function of the synchro-adventure they have called: Adventure Sync: Nearby. A tool that allows you to notify the player if there are unknown Pokémon nearby without having to open Pokémon GO.

At the moment few details are known about it. All this thanks to the researchers who scrutinize the code of the Pokémon GO updates. And it is that it has found references to this version 2 of the syncroaventura that we already knew. If with this function we can walk and add steps and distance to hatch Pokémon eggs without opening the game, now also It would indicate the presence of new Pokémon nearby.


So, by notification, the game would tell us that we are close to a Pokémon that we have not yet captured. That is, of those that are shown shaded in the function Close to the game. In this way, walking freely and carefree of Pokémon GO, players could be advised to go to the game and expand their pokédex with a new capture. All this saving data, battery and without constantly looking at the game.

Apparently, the function would have already reached the application of Pokémon GO, activating only in the regions mentioned. However, at the moment there are no catches of users who have implemented this feature. So everything indicates that the test is starting to launch. Yet without there being an official communication about it, or without knowing if this function will finally come to the game for everyone.

For now we will have to wait and see if there are players who really appear this function. And if it takes any extra added beyond showing the unknown Pokémon near our location. Do not forget that, for now, the information that has emerged in media such as comes directly from the guts of the application.

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