POP Gears! get more than half a million downloads only on Android

by Kelvin
POP Gears! will have achievements and its own version of the achievement "Seriously"

On Thursday Gears POP came to us !, the crossover of the universe Gears of War and Funko POP, and it seems to be a success. The title that was announced at E3 2018 was welcomed with some coldness, given that more interesting titles for the player who usually sees the conferences, such as Gears 5 or Tactics caught the eye. However it seems that the thing is going well for the game.

As noted yesterday users of resetera, on Friday and with data from the first 24 hours for the United States, the game already looked the mark of more than half a million downloads in the Android Play Store. It is a free game with in-app purchases, so the most important thing is the monetization that is done with the most adept, but without a doubt this is a good sign.


POP Gears! achieve a top 20 on iOS

In the case of iOS it is a bit more complex to know how it is going, since the iPhone application store does not offer an updated number of downloads. In the ranking that can be seen on the iTunes website, app games are not separated, so we find it in position 54 of the most downloaded applications. If we omit applications that are not games, it goes up 14th place, and according to the website itself if we only take into account the "strategy" titles, the game is in fourth place in the ranking. Nothing bad.

We will have to wait a few days to know how he is doing in the store Windows, where it appeared a few hours later than in the rest of the platforms, but we are sure that it will be in one of the first download stations. Probably with word of mouth and the output of Gears 5 the downloads increase even more, but the success of Gears POP! It can also help us to be prepared for what the launch of Minecraft Earth can mean.