POP Gears! suffer problems with some of its loot boxes

by Kelvin
Already available Gears POP! for iOS and Android devices

POP Gears! has landed on mobile devices with iOS and Android (with more than 500,000 downloads) and through the store of Windows 10 in Pc. Who is the first spin-off Franchise officer mixes elements of the tower defense genre and the well-known MOBA. The game has arrived in format free-to-play, including the highly criticized loot boxes (better known as loot boxes), with which we can get new badges to improve our strategy and some coins to improve the ones we already have (if we don't use them to buy new ones in the game store).

It is precisely about loot boxes what we are going to talk about today, it seems that there are players who are experiencing problems with some of them in Gears POP! More specifically, the welcome package seems not to be reflected in the accounts of some of the players who buy them, and what is much worse: they are charged up to several times without being reflected in the game.


Player Stallion83 has also been affected with Gears POP!

The reason for this problem is still unknown with the welcome package of Gears POP! but we do know that it has affected players as legendary as The Stallion83 Logger (which has more than 2,000,000 achievement points on Xbox Live) during its streaming of the game. As well has affected another player which has documented how Gears POP! You have charged up to 3 times the purchase of the welcome package without seeing it reflected in the game.

Although the Gears POP website! It allows you to fill out forms to ask for assistance, it seems that this issue has not been resolved yet. We assume that sooner rather than later, the game will receive some kind of patch to solve this problem with the loot boxes. Meanwhile, watch your microtransactions in Gears POP!

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