Pornhub is sued by 34 women for non-consensual videos

by Kelvin
Pornhub is sued by 34 women for non-consensual videos

Pornhub was accused this Thursday (17) of hosting non-consensual videos and profiting from content involving child pornography, rape and human trafficking. The civil process is signed by 34 women; 14 claim to be minors in the videos and another 14 say they were victims of people accused and/or convicted of sexual crimes.

This case is similar to that of December 2020, in which, after an investigation by Visa and Mastercard, the pornography platform deleted nearly nine million videos from unverified users.

More content moderation on the site?

MindGeek, the company that created Pornhub and manages another 150 adult sites, was named in the lawsuit. Michael Bower, the attorney responsible for representing the women, said the company may have to pay up to hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.


“This case is not about pornography, it’s about rape. This is a legitimate industry that people have a right to participate in. But it needs to be done legally and not with illegal content,” the prosecutor said.

In February, Pornhub announced that it has expanded its content moderation with software and a team that analyze videos daily for illegalities. The platform also let non-profit third-party groups report videos deemed illegal by the “trusted whistleblower program”.

However, the site does not follow procedures of the “traditional” pornography industry, such as age verification of those involved, nor prior consent to the recording and publication of the content.

Isabella, who uses a pseudonym, said she discovered the existence of her video on Pornhub after university colleagues questioned whether she worked in pornography. The victim claims that she was 17 years old on the recording in which she appeared naked and that she was forced to do it by her boyfriend. “It took me a long time to accept that I was a victim of this,” he confessed.

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