Porsche will offer content from Apple Music to all its users

by Kelvin
Porsche will offer content from Apple Music to all its users

The German brand owned by Grupo Volkswagen has issued a statement through its CEO informing the entire user community that they can enjoy Apple Music for free when you purchase a Porsche Tycan. This new Porsche model is approaching an idea already present in some Tesla in its beginnings, which allowed internet connection and free access to the Spotify catalog in their vehicles. Now Porsche does the same with the Tycan and the new units will have unlimited access to Apple Music totally free, in addition to CarPlay.

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Porsche will offer content from Apple Music to all its users 2

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In principle Klaus Zellmer, the CEO of Porsche Cars North America, has mentioned the integration of Apple Music in their vehicles given the similarity between the values ​​that both Apple as Porsche share. How could it be otherwise, besides Apple Music fully integrated into the entertainment system of the Porsche Tycan, will offer the possibility of using Apple Car Play, a more extended system. However, in this case they have not given information about whether the Porsche Tycan can use Apple CarPlay wirelessly, as in some models of BMW, another German brand of vehicles.

In case you are not sure what type of car we are talking about, the Porsche Tycan is a 100% electric vehicle, direct competition of Tesla and with which the German luxury firm intends to position itself in a market in which traditional brands seem to be staying behind. This new Porsche Tycan will be released in early September, as will happen with the iPhone XI, So we would not be surprised considering this new agreement, that during the presentation Keynote make some reference to the specific vehicle, would you like to have Apple Free music in your car?

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