Portable air purifiers: the best models on the market

by Kelvin
Портативные очистители воздуха: лучшие модели

A product that purifies the air you breathe and makes it as clean as possible. The problem is that these are usually oversized devices, not to mention that they need an outlet to work. Although, if you want a model that can be used anywhere, there is an opportunity to consider: portable air purifiers.

Portable air purifiers: the best models

Benefits of Portable Air Purifiers

We’re talking about models that differ in that they can be used anywhere as they have an internal battery. This is a great advantage since you will be able to breathe a cleaner environment in all environments … For example, you might be interested in purchasing a portable air purifier if you use your car a lot. Either because you smoke inside, because you spend many hours driving, or simply because your city has a very high level of pollution. The best solution you can find to breathe clean, healthy air is one of the air purifiers available on the market.


You may be worried about their work, but you can rest assured in this regard, as they are very easy to use. Basically all you have to do is charge the device and press a button to turn it on or off. In addition, more fortified models boast HEPA filter This will ensure that any traces of dust or particles are removed from the environment and you can breathe much healthier air.

Options to consider

Now that we’ve explained the benefits that portable air purifiers have to offer, don’t miss out on this selection we’ve made for you, where you’ll find 10 models that will more than meet your expectations. You will see that we made the choice with different price ranges This way, you can find the portable purifier that best suits your needs and budget.

It should be noted that while many of the models you find have an internal battery, some do not. Quiet because its charging system is via a USB port, so you can plug them into a portable battery to use them in any environment without too much trouble.

KANINO air purifier

Purificador de aire

We start this collection with the best portable air purifiers you can buy with the KANINO branded model that won’t disappoint you. This model has a rounded design so it is very comfortable to wear and also includes a system that does not require changing filters.

Air purifier MEES

Purificador de Aire MEES

Secondly, we have a portable air purifier from MEES that will more than live up to your expectations. To begin with, this is a model that claims to be very quiet as it doesn’t emit more than 20 decibels. Added to this is the 360-degree design to keep the environment cleaner than ever. And its HEPA filter is a value to consider.

Air purifier

Purificador de aire portátil

And what about this other model, which will be your best ally for working in the office with the confidence that you breathe truly clean air. More than anything because it offers a maximum noise level of 28 decibels, so you won’t disturb anyone in your work environment. Add your HEPA filter and it charges from USB, so you can plug it into your computer if your battery runs out to get a round product.

Air purifier ACADGQ

Purificador de Aire ACADGQ

We already expect this manufacturer to become one of the most recommended in the industry, so in our selection you will see several portable air purifiers from this company. This particular model offers active oxygen output 100 mg / h so that in a few minutes you can clean any room without any effort on your part.

Air Purifier Himox

Purificador de aire himox

Continuing with this collection of the best portable air purifiers you can buy, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend this model from Himox. The HEPA filter model fits perfectly on your desk.

Air purifier ACADGQ

Purificador de Aire ACADGQ

We return to ACADGQ to recommend this complete portable air purifier. A model that is USB-charged and has more than enough power to cleanse the environment in any medium-sized room.

Air purifier QUARED

Purificador de aire

If you’re looking for a portable air purifier to use while you sleep, don’t miss out on this particular model. More than anything, because it offers night mode, so its 20 decibels of noise is not a problem before bed.

Cleaner Welly Enjoy IT WY20000

Welly Enjoy IT WY20000

Be careful with this Welly Enjoy IT WY20000 model because it is one of the best deals of the day. What’s more, because it has three different modes, so you can clean up any environment without too much trouble. And the price of his knockdown!

Kecheer Air Purifier

Purificador de aire

Beneath the design that resembles a gentle heart, there is a model that will not disappoint you at all. What’s more, because it’s one of the most compact portable air purifiers you’ll find. Add it low consumption mode and you have a round product.

Air Purifier Nobebird

Purificador de aire nobebird

Here’s a selection of the best portable air purifiers you can buy with this model from Nobebird. It is a very quiet product, so it is ideal for use while you sleep, and it also has a HEPA filter and a USB connector so you can charge it in the easiest way.