Portal da TransparĂȘncia went down after controversy with condensed milk

by Kelvin
Portal da transparĂȘncia saiu do ar apĂłs polĂȘmica com leite condensado. ApĂłs divulgação dos gastos do governo federal com compras de alimentos em 2020, o portal da transparĂȘncia saiu do ar temporariamente

After the disclosure of federal government spending on food purchases in 2020, Portal da TransparĂȘncia temporarily went offline

On the night of January 26th, the Transparency Portal left the air, remaining without access until this morning (27). Launched in 2004, during Lula’s government, the government website where public spending is elucidated mysteriously went off the air when the general public and journalists began to gather information about suppliers of purchases with huge amounts from the government, as in the case of condensed milk.

The Condensed Milk Controversy

The Transparency Portal went off the air after the disclosure of R$1.8 billion in supermarket purchases by the Jair Bolsonaro government in 2020 – R$15 million of which on condensed milk alone. The government, so far, has not explained the reasons for the amounts, which also include spending R$ 1 million on alfalfa, the main feed for cattle. Other noticeable and curious expenses are R$2.2 million on chewing gum and R$8.8 million on chocolates. Spending is accessible from the Transparency Portal Purchasing Panel, last updated on December 5, 2020.

Portal da Transparency went down after controversy with condensed milk.  After the disclosure of federal government spending on food purchases in 2020, the transparency portal temporarily went offline

In a certain purchase process, involving 20 items, it is seen the purchase of two units of condensed milk of 395 grams for 162 reais each. This process, free of bids, was carried out for the 3rd Mechanized Cavalry Squadron. The same product, in supermarkets, has a value of approximately 6 reais.

The Transparency Portal went off the air on the exact day this information was released. The Comptroller General of the Union declared, in an official statement, that the drop was due to the large amount of access to the portal, with servers not used to this traffic. The release is reproduced, in part, as follows:

Government supporters shared several justifications about what happened and about the expenses, but many are being considered as Fake News. It is worth remembering that, since August 2019, sharing false information is a crime and can lead to jail.

Since the morning of January 27th, the site is up and running again.

The Condensed Milk Crisis Memes

As always, the Brazilian Internet user makes a joke out of controversy. A huge amount of memes have been created and promoted, and we’ve chosen some of the best ones for you to enjoy:

Source: Forum Magazine

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