Power Rangers had open-world co-op play canceled; check out

by Kelvin
Power Rangers had open-world co-op play canceled;  check out

power Rangers almost won a cooperative open world game, with elements very similar to the series Batman Arkham. The revelation was made by Jason Bischoff, former head of global products at Saban Brands. The title, which was called Project Nomad, which would put players in control of the Rangers to defend Zordon’s home planet, Eltar, against threats from across the universe.

According to Bischoff, the game was never developed because it failed to raise an initial budget and enough manpower for production. The project had excited some developers in initial conversations, but it cooled off over time.

O Nomad Project was archived in 2016, leaving only the conceptual images of what would be the open world game of power Rangers. They were shared by Bischoff himself in the Twitter and show that, at least visually, the game promised to be quite impactful. It remains to be hoped that, in the future, some developer and publisher will rescue the idea and put it into practice.


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