Powerbeats Pro is the AirPods replacement for avid sportsmen

by Kelvin

Powerbeats Pro combines high quality sound with a great design for sports lovers. A big hit by Beats in the true wireless headset market

O Powerbeats Pro marks the arrival of Beats in the branch of the headphones true wireless. The line focuses on sports wearers, bringing their own design for such use with sweat protection and ear hooks.

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Will with so many headphones true wireless in the market, Beats Will you be able to stand out to the fans and the general public? You can now check out our full review.

Design and resistance

O Powerbeats Pro stands out for the premium matte black design that surrounds the headphones and case, they are very stylish and minimalist, so they fit well in any sportsman style. However, because it is a gadget to carry with you on your walks and even for everyday use, your case is too big compared to Galaxy Buds gives Samsung, or from themselves Airpods gives Apple.

The case is loaded upon entry lightning At the rear, it has an LED that indicates the amount of charge remaining, pairing button and magnets that hold the headphones vertically.

Powerbeats Pro CasePowerbeats case carries 2 extra charges, making the phone last 24 hours

In the ears, the Powerbeats Pro It is very safe. The hooks allow the user to do their physical activities without fear of falling. The whole set fits perfectly and doesn't bother with long periods of use.

On the sides of the headphones, the Beats decided to put physical buttons instead of following market trends with touch sensors. It may seem like a weird and even outdated company decision, but it works for what is proposed to the user. The interactivity buttons are very light, even though they are physical, a light touch is enough to execute the command. For sportsmen this is very advantageous since sweat on touch sensors activate the controls alone.

Powerbeats Pro PhonePowerbeats Pro brings physical buttons instead of touch sensors

The buttons can be used for a variety of interactions such as pausing, playing, skipping and rewinding a track, as well as answering and disconnecting calls, the basics of any true wireless handset. In addition to the side buttons, the volume buttons are on the top of the handset, which are very responsive and easily accessible.

The handset has a certification IPX4 that protects him only against splashing water, that is, he can stand the sweat of physical activity. But don't use it near swimming pools or drop a bottle of water on your Powerbeats Pro. For a sports headset, this is a setback that can make the user think twice before purchasing it.

Connectivity and battery

O Powerbeats Pro connects upon Bluetooth 5.0 and proved very easy and practical to use. After the initial connection, the gadget It is ready to use without the need for any extra configuration. The phone being paired with the smartphone, the connection will always be restored when opening the case. For users of Apple, you can save the device to your Google account. iCloud to quickly switch usage between other devices like Apple Watch and Mac

The connection quality is very good and not easily lost even at a distance. Walls and furniture were no obstacle for the connection to remain stable, without choking and jamming in the execution of songs.

Powerbeats Pro Case and CasePowerbeats Pro is very stylish and fits any sportsman style

The battery of Powerbeats Pro is very suitable for headphones true wireless. During our tests, the handset held for approximately 8 hours of continuous playback before charging. Charging is also very fast, approximately 1:30 am to complete the charging of the headphones and the case in the socket.

The case has two extra charges for the headphones, so that means 24 hours full load to the Powerbeats Pro. This is an impressive value for the user who uses headsets for commuting only or for gym workouts, the handset can last for days before needing to be taken.

Sound quality

If in previous headphones from Beats, the company delivered products with almost nonexistent bass and midrange exaggerations, here it redeems itself. O Powerbeats Pro It is surprising and has a very good balance in the frequencies. The bass is more controlled and has a good presence of sub bass, since the mid / treble are very well balanced and have more brightness than usual.

This makes the phone much more versatile, as the frequencies follow a fine line between keeping the music energetic, while not listening to other content. Use the Powerbeats Pro Watching YouTube videos, listening to podcasts and watching series / movies is a very satisfying experience, unlike other headphones released by the company.

Powerbeats Pro UsabilityPowerbeats Pro has impressive sound quality, standing out from other company releases

The big problem here is the lack of a feature widely used in competing headset phones, noise-canceling technology. The handset of Beats It does not isolate external noise very well, which directly affects music listening, as the user needs more volume – at more uncomfortable levels – to have a satisfying experience.


O Powerbeats Pro it's a phone true wireless Quality, its construction made for athletes combined with high sound quality, makes the headset is a companion for all hours.

It's hard to recommend a headset that costs R $ 2,149.00, as they have several options in the market true wireless high quality for half that price. Even the Airpods which are also very good, are β€œcheap” compared to the Beats.

However, if the big fans of the brand choose the Powerbeats Pro, will be making a great choice. The handset of Beats is very competent and is at the top in sound quality with competitors Galaxy Buds gives Samsung is the new WF-1000XM3 gives Sony.

Powerbeats Pro Technical Specifications

ModelPowerbeats Pro
ProcessorApple H1 Chip
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Drums8h in the headphones + 16h in the case
Voice assistantYes
ColorBlack, Navy Blue, Moss Green, Ivory
PriceR $ 2,149.00

PowerBeats Pro

  • Design – 9.4 / 10
  • Connectivity – 9.8 / 10
  • Drums – 10/10
  • Sound quality – 9.2 / 10
  • Resistance – 8/10

9.3 / 10

Review: Powerbeats Pro is the AirPods replacement for avid sportsmen

Powerbeats Pro combines high quality sound with a great design for sports lovers. A big hit by Beats in the true wireless headset market


  • Great design
  • Lasting battery
  • Bluetooth connection with high range
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Case is too big
  • No total water resistance
  • No app to mess with phone functions
  • Cost benefit

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