Pre-orderers get 250 Euro headphones for free – if they hurry

by Kelvin
Pre-orderers get 250 Euro headphones for free - if they hurry

Sony Xperia 5: Pre-orderers get Sony headphones

When Sony introduced its latest mobile phone at the IFA 2019 in Berlin, there was already evidence that there would still be a gift. Now it is much clearer, what exactly the manufacturer meant. It is about the wireless Bluetooth headset Sony WF-1000XM3, which are currently available in the trade. This should be the Sony Xperia 5 for some customers certainly something interesting, especially since the phone itself with a suggested retail price of 799 euros at the start.

Pre-orderers get 250 Euro headphones for free - if they hurry 2 The headphones Sony WF-1000XM3 (Source: Manufacturer).

Sony is not particularly easy, however, to dust off the headphones for free. The offer is very limited and limited to a few dealers. The phone just somewhere to buy and find the headphones in the package, so unfortunately excluded. Instead, the Sony Xperia 5 must be pre-ordered at one of the "selected dealers". Subsequently, a registration on Sony's promotion website is necessary, which, however, will be opened only from 1 October 2019. There will then be the proof of purchase to be uploaded later to get to the headphones WF-1000XM3.


Sony headphones only to be limited

To the participating dealers of course Sony own, whereby here only 125 (!) Piece are offered. If the mobile phone is placed in the shopping cart, the headphones appear there automatically.

Even if the mobile phone is pre-ordered through the larger mobile operators, there is a chance on the headphones. Mobilcom Debitel's action page is already online, here the number is limited to at least 1,800. If you really want to have the Sony WF-1000XM3, but you can do without the Sony Xperia 5, you will get the Wireless Earbuds, for example Amazon For .

These are the most popular Bluetooth headphones in Germany:

Sony Xperia 5: The smaller Xperia 1

With the Xperia 5, Sony has basically introduced a slightly smaller version of the Xperia 1. Everything you need to know about mobile phones is here in hands-on video for you:

The Sony Xperia 5 with Snapdragon 855, 6 GB RAM and triple camera on the back will go on sale in early October 2019 in the colors black, gray, blue and red. The price is 799 euros.

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