Prepd, an app with 72 healthy recipes ideal for the beach or work

by Kelvin
Prepd, an app with 72 healthy recipes ideal for the beach or work

Prepd, an app with 72 healthy recipes ideal for the beach or work 2

Having lunch at work every day if there is no time to return home can become a drama for both "What do I do for lunch?" that we asked the day before, as for what it means for our pocket go every noon to the office cafeteria or bar from the corner. And if we don't have a meal plan, we can be eating the same thing for several days in a row if it's quick to do and fast to eat. Do you want to eat healthy and keep saving by taking the tupper to work? Are you looking for something healthy to take you to the beach? Check out this app.

Prepd, the app with healthy recipes

Culinary apps are plenty, and healthy recipes even more. But the peculiarity of the Prepd application is that it takes into account not only your caloric needs, but also the physical ones of the container in which you are going to transport the food, organizing the tupper space to fit everything you need for a healthy meal. And this app has been designed to the Prepd Pack gadget, a lunch box with a series of small modular tupper designed to accommodate the different menus that you will use daily, and that can be put in the fridge, washed in the dishwasher and filled with liquids that will not spill thanks to its airtight lids.


All the recipes that the app proposes to us are designed for the modular containers that comes with the Prepd pack, although we can also use them without having to buy the lunch box. Enough with download the free app, which will leave us Look for the recipes that best suit us from a total of 72. In each one you come ingredients, the way of preparation, the amount of calories and the description of the nutritionist who prepared it, indicating if it is a very caloric dish, very light, ideal for vegans or for the afternoon.

Organize the tupper

The app Android and iOS is available, but if we have an iPhone, in addition All the data that Prepd collects from our meals can be stored with the Health app of Apple so you have more external feedback about your new diet and the dishes that suit you best. As we say it is not necessary to have the Prepd pack to use this app, only to have tuppers at home of different size and modular design.

Download Prepd app for Android

Download Prepd app for iOS

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