Prevent Group FaceTime from moving people during calls [Pro tip]

by Kelvin
Prevent Group FaceTime from moving people during calls [Pro tip] 1

Just stop moving! Photo: Apple

Pro-tip-4One of the improvements you’ll find inside Apple New iOS 13.5 The update, released on Wednesday, is the ability to prevent people from getting enlarged or moving around the screen during FaceTime group calls.


Here we explain how to take advantage of it.

Group FaceTime calls can get a little chaotic, and it’s not always obvious who’s talking. AppleLike others, it tries to make things easier by expanding the image of the person who is speaking with “Automatic Prominence.”

However, not everyone wants that, so you can now disable this functionality on both iPhone and iPad. That is how.

How to disable automatic prominence for Group FaceTime

Open the Configurations application on your iPhone or iPad.
Tap Facetime.
Below Automatic prominence, tap the button to disable it.

disable-prominence-autoNew in iOS 13.5 Image: Killian Bell / Cult of Mac

And you are ready. Tiles will no longer move or resize during FaceTime group calls.

You can download iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 right now. In addition to the ability to disable Automatic Prominence, it brings new COVID-19 contact tracking tools and a change for Face ID that makes wearing masks more bearable.