Prevent your number of neighbors from seeing your status and WhatsApp photos

by Kelvin
Prevent your number of neighbors from seeing your status and WhatsApp photos

If you Ordinary WhatsApp users You will know that, from time to time, new viruses, bulls and all kinds of strange information arise. In fact, WhatsApp has worked on a mechanism to combat the classic chain with steps such as allowing us to discover how many times the message has been forwarded. However, new and last viral which has become a fashion through Twitter This is the most absurd thing we have seen in a long time.

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Is about neighbor number, something that, as you will understand, is ridiculous.

What is the neighbor number?

Your WhatsApp neighbor number is a person who has the same phone number as you, but with a different number at the end. Due to this, you can have up to 9 neighbors with different numbers and what people are doing, with this new challenge, is to talk to them on WhatsApp. Does this make any sense? Of course not, because that too dangerous challenges that can connect you with people who don't have good intentions or people who don't know about anything.

If your number is 666777883, your neighbor number is 666777882, 666777881, 666777884 and so on until all combinations are completed. At TuExperto, we recommend that, if your neighbor's number speaks to you, ignore this conversation But we also want to give you a little trick so that the numbers of your neighbors cannot see your WhatsApp profile photo or your status.

How do I prevent many neighbors from seeing information about me?

How to prevent my neighbors number from seeing information about me

Obviously, your number cannot be missed because if you have "good luck", your neighbor's number has a number like the one it will write to you is pointless. However, if you don't talk to him and this No information such as your profile picture, information or status is shown to you it is impossible for him to discover who you are, what you do or have information about yourself.

Thus, you can hide your WhatsApp profile photo and information from strangers

In the following lines we explain how to hide all this information. This is a very simple process that will not take more than a minute. Here are the steps:

  • Enter WhatsApp and open the menu to enter Settings.
  • Click on the section Account.
  • Now hold down Privacy. You will see several fields, and the most important are:
    • The last time: We recommend that you enable this setting for Nobody, even if you leave it in My Contacts, only the numbers you have in your phone book can find out when you last connected.
    • Profile picture: We think it is important to adjust it to my contacts. In this way, what you do not have in your calendar will not be able to see your WhatsApp profile photo.
    • Information: Also adjust this section with My Contacts, so that nobody can see your Profile Information unless you have added it (what we know is the status of WhatsApp).
    • The country– Most importantly, turn this setting on so that only your contacts can see your status, because if you share information with strangers about your personal life, not only will your privacy be compromised, but your neighbor's number or anyone can find out who it's you, what you do and even what you do (if you generally share status on WhatsApp).

By adjusting everything as we have shown, you will prevent neighboring numbers from seeing anything about you. All he can do is talk to you but, if you want to block it, simply click on the speech bubble that will appear above the conversation (when the number you are not talking to). That will be in the Privacy section, where you can check if you have blocked the contact. If the person insists or makes you angry, that is the best option. Blocked contacts cannot send you messages.

We remind you that your neighbor WhatsApp number could be someone who is just trying to get mercy, but it could also be someone with bad intentions. Therefore, we recommend that you ignore the messages that are sent to you, no matter how good it is. Or at least not give any information about you If you decide to talk to him.

If you want to laugh for a while, you can see a tweet on this topic. We share one with you below. There is a very funny case.

I think my neighbor's number is a little slow.

– J A M S ???? (@jamsito) 3 August 2019

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