Price differences Apple TV + in Poland and the United States are not accidental

by Kelvin
Price differences Apple TV + in Poland and the United States are not accidental

The market for VOD and Internet TV services is very different in the United States and Europe. Among American OTT video service providers, those who are absent dominate.

As Multichannel News, Roku and Amazon Fire TV they control 70 percent the entire market for "television-set" players (so-called set-top-boxes) in the United States. The market leader is the Platform of the Year unknown to us, whose offer of streaming media players is present in every electronics store in the United States. Applications for playing all the leading streaming services in this country are created on this platform.


The year has in its offer the usual "box" for TV, the so-called tv stick, which is a small device equivalent to Google Chromecast and even a soundbar. Distinctive devices with purple accents are found in many homes in the United States.

The second player on this market is, however Amazon with your Fire TV family. They are also not officially available on the Polish market, while they are fighting bravely on the American and British markets. Globally Fire TV boasts as many as 34 million users, and the Year 29 million. In the world of OTT video devices, these two platforms are important – anyone who wants to reach users with their offer must write applications just for them.

Unless someone wants to sell their own hardware platform.

And it does just that Apple. By pricing your new service subscription Apple TV + for $ 4.99, and even giving it out to customers for free, knows what he is doing.

To arouse interest among American cord-cutters (people who give up traditional cable TV to watch TV and video on demand only via the Internet), you need to demonstrate an extremely favorable offer. It is about selling your own viewing platform Apple TV +, i.e. Apple TV that is not doing as well on the US market as the above mentioned platforms and having a similar market share from Google Chromecast.

Price differences Apple TV + in Poland and the United States are not accidental 1

It's about placing another element of the ecosystem Apple'And where the company has not done well so far, i.e. in the living room equipped with a TV set. The availability of the service on other platforms (including, for example, via the WWW) does not matter here – in developed markets, convenience of use, which provides sitting on the sofa with the remote control in hand, is important.

In fact, it even explains the matter of the higher price of the service in Poland.

In our country, saturated in terms of set-top boxes from cable TVs and from Android TV and SmartTV of various companies, there is a small chance to boost the sale of the starter with such a poor offer for us. Only the biggest apple fans will buy Apple TV (I mean device) at the price at which it is offered, without being able to install many applications present on our market.

In addition, buy a weak offer Apple TV + is not profitable in Poland because we have access to services with a larger VOD library and several dozen TV channels in Polish.

I have the impression that Apple he gave up the race at the very beginning. Well, unless, however, something pleasantly surprises us at the time of the November premiere of the service on our market. May it be so.

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