[Primeras impresiones] Tour on Android N

by Kelvin
[Primeras impresiones] Tour on Android N 1

Yesterday Google surprised everyone by launching the first preview for Android N developers. This unexpected game made us have to work to test this new version, to let you know all the news and curiosities.


First of all, it should be noted that the Android Beta program has been opened, where you can receive updates for this trial version through OTA. It is also important to emphasize that it is not recommended to use it on your main device, because it is generally full a mistake and instability.

This time we won't talk about performance, because this is the first trial version released from this software, so it doesn't make sense.

Brushstrokes towards a new design

Yes, there is an app drawer.

Although, at first glance, Android N does not seem to have a change in design compared to Marshmallow, we found certain brushstrokes that made us think of the Material Design update. Same ideology, different application.

The first big change is the notification panel (which I'll discuss later). Everything, even flatter, gives more importance to the content of the notification and now uses all the available space to display it. Personally, I really like the idea, but I think they need a touch to make them easier to read at a glance.

(First impressions) Tour on Android N 2 (First impressions) Tour on Android N 3

The same idea is reflected in the Settings app, which now displays the most important information in each category. In addition, there is a side menu that will facilitate access to each function. If you ask me, that nobody has done it, it is really exaggerated. I think it will be removed in the final version.


A perpetual rumor comes true: Android N includes native multitasking options for the first time. It consists of the ability to separate the screen in two, using the application in each section. This tool is indispensable for tablets, but it is also available in smartphones.

(First impressions) Tour on Android N 4

The application manager will now show cards that are almost complete, making it easy to switch between them. Along with this, there is quick access to the previous application by pressing the button mentioned above twice.

This is not something you will use a lot, but it is appreciated that it is available for events when needed. Those who have Nexus tablets will surely enjoy it more than I do.

Rich content notifications

Android always stands out for notifications. I think that is one of the greatest virtues to face competition, especially because they are always trying to improve it.

This is new preview We see that they have taken a new leap, this time oriented towards the content of the ad, rather than the ad itself. Aesthetically it looks good, although we will definitely see something better in the final version.

(First impressions) Tour on Android N 5 (First impressions) Tour on Android N 6

You can further expand each notification, wanting to review and reply to everything from this panel. Even when many emails arrive, you can develop each one separately. Great, although I'm not entirely sure it's the best, we took it away from the app's benefits.

There is more under the hood

Google claims to have improved Doze, along with many other performance developments. At the moment, we will leave this to the final version of Android N, as there will be many modifications that may not represent what you want to show.

We leave you a brief video tour so you can see the news with your own eyes. If there are doubts, we are really ready to answer them.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHUoIxzbwMQ (/ embed)

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