Prince of Persia: Redeeming the canceled Ubisoft project

by Kelvin

With the recent rumors that we might have a new game Persian prince, many of us are concerned.

However, this has never happened, at least for now. We recently had the biggest leak Ubisoft of all possible leaks. As seen by users on ResetEra, it has appeared on YouTube preview of the pre-game game to be called Persian Prince: Redemption, it looks like it's a reboot of the canceled series.

The video shows us the Prince exploring the city in ruins. In addition, you see action in parkour and walking on the wall, in a bolder way. Although combat has a more cinematic nature.


The most interesting thing about this leak is that this video has been entered YouTube since 2012, and no one has noticed it until now. How things like this have remained online and invisible for the past 8 years is incomprehensible.

This is not a video of the montage, as former Ubisoft animator Jonathan Cooper has tweeted about it, more or less confirming that this is real, and also claiming that the pre-show release for the game inspired the release of Assassin’s Creed 3 (where she works) too. In addition, artist Christophe Prélot's LinkedIn profile also mentions that he is working on a canceled game Persian prince between 2010 and 2011, and his work consisted of establishing a city "in ruins with scheduled events," shown in this video.

Ubisoft recently registered a domain name of the Persian Prince, which could mean a saga launch. You can watch the video below.

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