Process images in minutes, free and online

by Kelvin

Up to 100 images at once, from any modern browser, desktop or mobile, and without going through the box, completely free. So is Imgbot, a simple web page, simple in appearance, but that allows you to perform tasks of photo editing and retouching that before we could only do with a specific program or application.

Imagine you have dozens of photographs and you need to apply all of them a watermark so that it is clear that they are your property. Or you have to compress some images They take up a lot of space. OR change its resolution so they don't look too big on your website, in your personal blog or on your profile Facebook or Instagram.


Process images in minutes, free and online 4

There are tasks that you can do manually because it only affects one or two images. This takes us only a few minutes and is easy to do from your PC, Mac or from your smartphone or tablet. But it is not the same if we talk about dozens of photos you took on a trip or on your vacation. Compress or resize One-to-one photos up to a total of 100 will take a long time and, why deny it, is boring and heavy.

Edit batch photos

The objective of Imgbot is to solve four frequent tasks that we find when processing photographs or digital images: change their resolution, trim the edges, compress them or change their format and, finally, apply a watermark. As we mentioned before, Imgbot admits up to 100 images at once and a size of 25 MB each photo. Otherwise, it is compatible with the formats JPG, PNG and GIF.

When processing several images at the same time, Imgbot will offer us a ZIP file which includes all that material already processed for us to download to our device.

Let's see how each of the tasks that Imgbot can perform works. For resize images, we can choose an approximate scale or percentage or change one of the two reference values, height or width. The resolution change will be made proportionally to one of the values ​​we change.

Process images in minutes, free and online 5

For trim the edges, we have a reference grid that we can enlarge or reduce and move over the image. It is also possible invert the image from right to left or from top to bottom. Finally, we can save the result in PNG or JPG. Unfortunately, it does not allow to create a reference grid of a specific size from a specific rule or measures, we have to do it by eye.

Another interesting function of Imgbot It is the possibility of compressing large images and changing their format in the process, ideal for uploading photographs to our website and that load faster. The process is automatic, so when it finishes, it tells you the initial size (2.63 MB in the example), the final size (616 KB) and the percentage of compression achieved (77%).

The fourth pillar of this tool is the watermarks. We can add a text or an image as a personal logo. With the watermark we will ensure that our images they are not used by third parties without our permission, and if someone shares that image, everyone will know that we are their original authors.

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