Procon-SP will prevent SMS and WhatsApp telemarketing messages

by Kelvin
Procon-SP will prevent SMS and WhatsApp telemarketing messages

Procon-SP expanded the rules for blocking telemarketing and now, people living in São Paulo will no longer receive offers of products and services via SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram. The decision was updated last Tuesday (9).

All users who are part of “Don’t Call Me”, a feature maintained by Procon-SP that prohibits telemarketing calls, will have access to the update. The institution states on its website that from now on, consumers are guaranteed that they will not be harassed. “Companies will no longer be able to send messages via SMS or applications seeking the line holder, or third parties.”

Companies that do not follow the new rules – which apply to entities across the country, whether in calls made by employees, third parties or robots – will be fined.


How to register

People in the state of São Paulo who want to stop receiving this type of call, simply register their mobile or landline number on the Procon-SP website. The customer can delete the registration at any time.

For other states, there is the option “Don’t disturb me” by Anatel. The tool has the same objective of prohibiting calls, but it doesn’t have the option to block messages in apps or SMS. To register, click here.