Progress of the works of Campus 2 of Apple Drone view with GoPro camera

by Kelvin

A drone equipped with a GoPro gives us spectacular images of the works on campus 2 of Apple

The campus 2 project of Apple It is on its way to becoming a reality. After a long time of preparations, meetings with the municipality of Cupertino, corrections in the plans and others, the construction has already begun and considering what can be seen in the following video it seems that they carry a very high construction rate.

Progress of the works of Campus 2 of Apple Drone view with GoPro camera 3

Even though Apple He has made sure to cover the entire perimeter of the enclosure with very high panels so that no one can see the works, there are always those who manage to take a prying look inside.


On this occasion we have a very good vision of the works of Campus 2 of Apple in Cupertino thanks to a drone equipped with a GoPro. The author of the video has made sure to review all the work thoroughly and thanks to this video we can see that the construction is quite advanced.

In front of previous images there is a great advance in the works. There is no longer any remains of debris from the previous buildings and there is no trace of all the land that they have had to remove to build the foundations on which the building will settle.

Apple wants to release the new building in 2016

In addition, the video also serves to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the facilities. In several shots of the recording you can see some of the buildings that surround the work and the huge difference in size that exists between the new facilities of Apple and the rest of the buildings that surround it.

Apple It intends to have its new facilities ready in 2016 and taking into account the pace that they seem to take in the construction of the facility, it seems that they will meet the deadlines.

What do you think of the new campus you are building Apple? Do you think it will be a good place to work?

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