Protect your new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 these covers at a good price

by Kelvin
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He Samsung Galaxy Note 10 It has already reached the hands of the first owners. As you are going to prevent than regret, the best first step (almost before even turning it on) may be to buy a good protective case. Nobody likes to brand new smartphone and see its screen shattered at the first exchange. Today we bring you the best cheap covers for samsung Galaxy Note 10 we can buy in Amazon.


We know that it is a pity to mask the certain size of the design of our smartphone with a protective case. However, we can ignore this aspect in post of a longer duration and the tranquility of being more protected against falls, scratches or bumps accidental. We leave you with the best cheap cases we have found for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Transparent silicone case

It is the best way to respect the design and color of our Note 10 while protecting it against scratches and falls. This silicone case fits perfectly to the terminal design and is fembossed in TPU with anti-yellowing treatment. Its price is only 6.99 euros with free shipping included.

Samsung Note 10 Silicone case

Buy silicone case for Galaxy Note 10 in Amazon

Mirror cover

This type of case is the style preferred by many users, since it protects while View time and notifications No need to open its lid. It even allows you to answer calls or control the music player with the cover on. Its price is 12 euros with free shipping included.

Galaxy Note  10 mirror cover

Buy mirror cover for Galaxy Note 10 in Amazon

Polycarbonate shell

Spiegen is one of the most important carcass manufacturers in the world, and of course it also has options for Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Manufactured in a single piece of polycarbonate, Protects all the elements of the device including its cameras and edges. Its matt surface prevents fingerprints and facilitates grip. Its price is 11 euros also with free shipping for Prime customers of Amazon.

Polycarbonate cover Galaxy Note  10

Buy polycarbonate cover for Galaxy Note 10 in Amazon

Onyx housing

Onyx is another of the best known carcass manufacturers. This elegant case for the Galaxy Note 10 is made of TPU and protects all the elements of the terminal, it also has a Quikcatch cord hole and allows wireless charging with the cover on. Its price is 9 euros.

onyx galaxy note 10 case

Book cover

This book style case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is made of flexible TPU and has a scratch resistant leather surface. It has protectors for the corners, cameras and screen, and also gutter with an internal slot to insert cards. Its price is 9.59 euros.

Book cover Galaxy Note  10

Buy book cover for him Galaxy Note 10 in Amazon

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