PS5 has more active players than PS4 in its first few months

by Kelvin
PS5 has more active players than PS4 in its first few months

The PS5 is registering more active players in its first seven months since launch than the PS4 did in the same period. The information comes from Christopher Dring, data analyst and head of He stated in a tweet that the numbers are higher on the double-digit scale, but he didn’t mention specific amounts.

An interesting part of the tweet with this data is an analysis done by Dring himself. The information contradicts the notion that most PS5s sold in recent months would be collecting dust on dealer shelves trying to extort their price in the gray market.

The PS5’s immense success early on in its release and low inventories resulted in a large number of people buying huge quantities of the console and then reselling it for much higher than standard amounts. The practice has become so widespread that many people have come to believe that most of the millions of PS5s sold were not getting into the hands of consumers, but rather being kept on shelves to inflate their prices.


If in fact more players are being registered online in the first few months of the PS5 than there were on the PS4, this theory turns out to be wrong.

And this console’s biggest success is no surprise either. The console’s backwards compatibility, PS Plus Collection feature and pandemic times certainly created a perfect climate to greatly increase the number of gamers.

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