PS5 / Xbox Scarlett: 8K Won't Define New Consoles

by Kelvin

PS5 / Xbox Scarlett: 8K Won't Define New Consoles – As the next generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Scarlett) approaches, we have seen a number of personalities from the video game industry commenting on the stakes of Sony and Microsoft. Some to make some compliments, while others seem a little disillusioned with what is coming.

So it's no big news that the new generation will bring a big technological leap forward! After all, both the new Xbox and PlayStation 5 will bring support for Ray Tracing, 8K, 120FPS, etc…


However, one of these things doesn't seem like a big bomb to Microsoft Manager Aaron Greenberg!

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It was at Gamescom that Aaron commented on the increasingly coming consoles, saying that 8K will be just a trivial part of the new generation. Saying:

“I don't know anyone developing games with 8K support. It is at heart a specification, which will not define the next generation. We are not expecting a huge offer of 8K games. ”

So while both Sony and Microsoft have given 8K resolution support a big boost… It looks like it's going to be something thatwhich simply will not be used. (No big surprises!)

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However, while GM doesn't care much about 8K, it seems to have a lot of faith in 4K 120FPS! Now read:

“After all, games should run in native 4K. Which compared to the current Xbox One X, means a very significant increase in computer and graphics performance. That's why devs won't have to make as many commitments as they do now. (Where there is a bottleneck in CPU performance)

“In addition, gamers can also expect bigger worlds and greater visibility in next-generation games. And of course the loading times will be much shorter thanks to the new SSD. ”

If you don't know, both the PS5 and the new Xbox are expected to run all games at 4K60FPS… But if by chance some games hit the 120fps hit the market, I wouldn't say no!

PS5 / Xbox Scarlett: 8K Won't Define New Consoles – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion in the comments below.


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