PUBG Mobile vs PC: understand the differences and similarities between game versions

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The Player Unknown´s Battlegrounds (PUBG), considered the game that practically inaugurated the Battle Royale genre, has expanded its platforms to reach more and more players and fans. The mobile version offers some graphic reductions and interface help.

The game, which was successful when it was released for PC and also for Xbox One and PS4 and, was also released for Android and iOS with PUBG Mobile.

See below for the main differences and similarities between the Player Unknown´s Battlegrounds version for mobile phones and PCs!

Presence of Bots

PUBG Mobile has many robots in its games, which leaves the level among the players balanced. If you are a player who wants to develop his performance better, this version can be an excellent option.

In the PC version there are no bots, so it is more difficult to defeat the most experienced players.


Aim and kick weapons

In the mobile version of the game there is a decrease in the recoil of weapons and the creation of the automatic target. These are positive changes in the mobile version, as it helps the players adapt, facilitating the realization of the movements on the smartphone screen.

Free to play

Another difference between the PUBG mobile version and the PC version is that the mobile version has a free game mode, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store Y Apple Store, and purchases are necessary only to buy items. In contrast, for PC, the value of the original game is $ 56, but there is also the lite version, which is free.

Player View

In both versions, the player can choose between playing with the camera in first or third person. The difference is that in the first person mode of the mobile version the camera is not free.

The two versions impress

The two versions are very similar and will hardly please fans of the genre. The interfaces and graphics are very similar, taking into account, of course, that in the mobile version there are graphic reductions and some help in the interface, as mentioned above.

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