Qualcomm defeats Apple in China and the company will not be able to sell its

by Kelvin

Qualcomm against Apple It has been one of the most controversial controversies of this year 2018, since both companies have engaged in legal disputes for various claims regarding non-payment and improper use of patents. This case has been very popular in the technological world and the CEO of Qualcomm already announced that we would soon have an important resolution in this case, something that has finally been and quite favorable for them as well.

The company famous for its processors for mobile devices has announced in its official blog what a court in China has ruled in favor of Qualcomm in this case, thus providing preliminary measures against Apple For your actions. Because Apple was accused of using the intellectual property of Qualcomm without your consent, Tim Cook's company will have banned now selling its famous iPhone in China. This includes all its models from iPhone 6S to iPhone X, the latest model that featured Qualcomm technology.


Since these terminals they developed without paying Qualcomm the amount due to have the license, they will not be able to leave the Chinese market anymore. For now, this it will only be effective in the Chinese territory, but hopefully the courts of other countries will soon be pronounced to rule whether Qualcomm is right in your claim or if Apple You can continue selling your iPhone as normal. Likewise, this resolution has been a great victory for Qualcomm, which has stood up to the giant of Cupertino and has achieved optimal results.

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