Qualcomm Promises New Custom Notebook CPUs for 2022

by Kelvin
Qualcomm Promises New Custom Notebook CPUs for 2022

Qualcomm confirmed this Tuesday (16) that it has completed the acquisition of NUVIA, a technology design and CPU manufacturing company formed by former employees of brands like Apple and ARM.

The $1.4 billion deal means much more than absorbing a possible future competitor. The goal is to leverage the company’s expertise to create next-generation custom processors for notebooks and other portable devices, with a focus on energy efficiency and use of 5G — with a completely internal design, without relying on intermediaries.

What’s next?

According to Qualcomm, the technologies of the new subsidiary will be applied in “smartphones top-of-the-line digital laptops and cockpits, as well as advanced steering assistance systems.”


The new CPUs made by Qualcomm will be part of the Snapdragon platform and should be shipped to interested manufacturers in the second half of 2022, which means that the first models can come out by the end of next year. According to the website Android Authority, the move is a clear response to advances in Apple in the sector with the M1 chip itself.

More news in the area

Also, according to the WinFuture, Qualcomm is also ready to market a successor to the Snapdragon 7c chip. The model is aimed at lower-performance or simply cheaper laptops, such as Chromebooks, and should be a variation of the Snapdragon 775, an octa-core chip already used in some smartphones.

For now, there is no confirmation from the company or forecast of release of the processor.