Qualcomm will organize a presentation event on September 24

by Kelvin
Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm is the most important company in the field of processors for smartphones. The American brand has a wide range, with which dominates the high and medium range in Android. In addition, in 2020, 5G is expected to reach its processors already in the mid-range, as they said earlier this month.


The company has announced a surprise presentation event, held in a couple of days. At the moment it is not known what they are going to present in it, Qualcomm has said nothing, but speculation has already begun. An event that surely leaves us with surprises.

This Qualcomm event will be held on Tuesday, September 24. The American firm has already confirmed that this is the date on which something will be presented on its part. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not known what the company will present in it. Several media are already considering various possibilities.

Qualcomm would present the Snapdragon 8150 on December 4

They talk about their new high-end processor, Snapdragon 865. Although it seems to be too early, since it is usually in December when the firm presents these models. But it is not something that can be ruled out for the time being. It's a posibility.

It could be related to other companies. On September 24 Xiaomi presents its new phonesIn addition, other important models are also launched on this same date. Therefore, it could be that Qualcomm news has to do with any of these brands.

In any case, we will leave doubts in a couple of days. This Qualcomm event is held on Tuesday, in which to know all the news that the processor manufacturer will leave us. If there is any previous filtration in this regard, we will share with you everything that is known about it.

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