Qualcomm will use 5G modems in its mid-range processors

by Kelvin
Qualcomm Snapdragon

The 5G is gaining market presence, also in the field of processors. In the space of a couple of days we have already seen two chips that will use 5G thanks to an integrated modem, such as Exynos 980 and Kirin 990. Qualcomm already makes use of 5G in Snapdragon 855, thanks to an external modem, which can be used as an option. The brand now seeks to extend this option to its mid-range processors.


At a conference at IFA 2019, Qualcomm has said that those Snapdragon 600 and 700 series processors will integrate 5G. They will do it thanks to 5G modems, so that this connectivity will expand in this way in the mid-range. A step that many expected now.

The American company seeks to expand these ranges and prepare them for the future. Although so far they have not given many details about these plans. Because Qualcomm hasn't said thatWhat are processors within these two ranges? Snapdragon will be those that use these 5G modems.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Neither do we know if the 5G modems to be used will be new or if the firm will use the X50 they are currently using. The logical thing is that they are new, to adapt to these processors within their mid-range, but the company has not told us anything so far. For what to expect.

Qualcomm prepares an important leap in quality for its mid-range processors. The firm has said that the processors of the Snapdragon 700 range that they will arrive they will be manufactured in 7 nm. So we can expect good performance and lower energy consumption from them.

Although this will be something that happens throughout 2020. Therefore, we will know more about Qualcomm's plans to renew its mid-range of processors, betting primarily on 5G. We hope to know what the brand processors that will use these 5G modems will be.

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