Quantic Dream could experiment with shorter games

by Kelvin
Quantic Dream could experiment with shorter games

Now that the stage of exclusive projects is behind, Quantic Dream is taking into account different options for projects that are on the way and this not only includes its availability on other platforms, but works that contemplate other genres and even short-term titles, such as David Cage revealed.

During an interview with OnlySP (via Gamingbolt), David Cage, general director of Quantic Dream, talked about the possibilities that the company currently has to do different things and depart a little, or a lot, from the type of video games they have created in recent years. In that sense, Cage said that one of the options they are contemplating for the future is to make shorter games, that is to say they last less than the average they have handled in deliveries such as Heavy rain, Beyond: Two Souls Y Detroit: Become Human: "We would consider any type of format in the future, as long as it makes sense from a creative point of view and for our players. I would really like to work on shorter experiences to try new ideas, but in reality, it remains to be seen if there is a market for these. Many titles suffered when trying to experiment with shorter formats, so I would say that it is something we will monitor, but we will need to find an experience that fits perfectly before experimenting with that. "


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