Quickly switch between your PC's apps with this trick

by Kelvin
Quickly switch between your PC's apps with this trick

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Computers have become practically essential tools for most people. These devices have allowed us to take our productivity to another level, which is why offices are full of computers.

Not surprisingly, not all users have the same computer skills. There are countless types of users, however, there is usually a big difference between those who use shortcuts and those who don't. The first group tend to be much more productive and agile thanks to the seconds that scratch with each shortcut.


Precisely, in this article we come to talk about a tool to quickly switch between different apps of your PC. You will see how it is very simple, below the details!

Quickly switch between your PC's apps

It should be noted that it is not necessary to be a computer expert to use the tool we are going to talk about, so users of any level can benefit.

Is about Switch, an application totally free which, according to its creators, will allow users to switch between their favorite apps at lightning speed. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article only available for Windows, although it seems that MacOS users will also be able to use it soon.

Switch It stands out for its simplicity and efficiency. On the one hand, it can serve as another dock or taskbar more. When installing the application we will see its completely empty taskbar, where we can add up to 8 programs or applications.

For another, Switch is configured in such a way that Each icon on your taskbar responds to the shortcuts ALT + 1, ALT +2 and so on until we reach 8. Thus, switching between apps is extremely easy and fast. Here is an example video:

Of course, you can also customize some options to your liking Switch, how to choose the side where you want your taskbar, hide it, and so on. Switch It is undoubtedly an application that can be very useful to almost any user, a pity that is not yet available for MacOS.

Download this useful tool here

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